app design for a small prototyping team located in Studio X.


video app for uploading and consuming content from the Real Cloud

Microsoft Studios Incubator

interactive gallery and tech incubator for downtown Seattle

Friends of Waterfront Seattle Website

website design and content development


website design and photography for local design studio

Photo Capture + Edit

a kindle app for taking and editing photos

Woodside / Braseth Gallery

website design for Seattle's longest-running gallery

Home in Ridgway

architectural remodel of a 1890's home in Ridgway, colorado

Ratio Website

website design for Ratio, LLC

an open resource website for finding and posting trails

InFlight Entertainment

a Windows8 app for airline passangers

Vertical School

design for a multi story school in NYC


I'm a designer specializing in app and website design. My background began in architecture where I focused on cultural institutions. Architecture taught me that form should follow function, and I follow that principle in digital designs. I post simple icons at the Noun Project, and I've started writing about design at Hiking, photography, and cycling are some of my pursuits when I'm away from a computer screen.  

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