RocketSpace MVP App

MVP App design for iOS and Android

Microsoft Retail Engagement Dashboard

A dashboard for monitoring store devices worldwide

Boeing Campus Map

campus app for finding Boeing places and employees

Xbox + Oculus Rift

How would Xbox work with Oculus?

All You Can Watch

What if there was one app for all your TV watching?

Alaska Airlines Premium Class Training

a training app for delivering videos, blogs, and quizzes

Microsoft Studios Incubator

interactive gallery and tech incubator for downtown Seattle


video app for uploading and consuming content from the Real Cloud

Ratio Website

website design for Ratio, LLC


I'm a UI / UX designer specializing in mobile apps and front-end coding. My background began in architecture where I focused on cultural institutions. Architecture taught me that form should follow function, and I follow that principle in digital designs. I post simple icons at the Noun Project, and I've started writing about design at Hiking, photography, and cycling are some of my pursuits when I'm away from a computer screen.  

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